Daughters dismantle house for Mother’s pyre fire

Kalahandi , Odisha: Not too long back the visuals of Dana Majhi , the man who carried his dead wife’s body for 10 km were being telecast on every possible TV channel and published in every possible news paper. Dana Majhi case had created a national as well as international uproar about the pathetic conditions in Odisha. The state which has consecutively been ruled by one CM Shri. Naveen Patnaik for the last 16+ years. Need more be said.

From the same district of Kalahandi in Odisha another tragic incident is reported, where the daughters had to dismantle the roof of their house to fetch wood for their mother’s pyre fire. Kanak Satpathy, a 75 year old brahmin lady, died after a prolonged illness on the night of 23 Sept 2016.

On her death, her daughters pleaded with the villagers to help them cremate their mother, but to no one came forward nor did any Govt. help. The daughters waited for hours, before they placed the body of their mother on a cot and walked to the cremation ground all by themselves.

Eminent socio-political leader and Chairman of Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust  (SNSMT) Shri. Suparno Satpathy expressed his grief and via a tweet put out this message  “The Kanak Satpathy case from Kalahandi will remain a blot for all times to come. Shame on all of us in Odisha more so on our rulers”. He also spoke with the District Collector Dr. Brundha D regarding this tragic incident and emphasized that the daughters of Late Smt. Kanak Satpathy be provided with all possible support from the district administration.

(L-R) Late Smt. Kanak Satpathy’s home & her body being carried for cremation


Dr. Manmohan Singh turns 84

New Delhi (26 Sept 2016) : Former PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh marked his 84th birthday today. A number of who’s who turned to Twitter to wish him.