OTv offends the Muslim Community

Bhubaneswar : Today on the official Twitter handle of Odisha’s No.1 Tv channel OTv a tweet with Muharram Mubarak was put out and the same has been strongly condemned by the Muslim community.

The same was first brought to notice by the digital team of Smt. Nandini Satpathy Mememorial Trust (SNSMT). To the same OTv was graceful to remove the said offensive Tweet but not before the sentiments of the Muslim community had already been hurt.



“Muharram is the name of a month & its the first month in Islamic calendar the ‘Muharram’ which is famous and is being in question is the 10th Day of the month which is also called as Ashura(10 in Arabic). The historical significance of this date makes it special and sadly on the same day Hassan & Hussain (Grandchildren of The Prophet) were martyred. The procession (spilling of blood) which you see is mourning by shias and most sunnis just fast on those days as a way of mourning. Its not a festival to Greet or celebrate. Greeting a Muslim with ‘Muharram Mubarak’ is extremely offensive” said Shaik Siddiq an online expert on Muslim History.

OTv was not the only one on Twitter to commit this blunder a similar offensive message had also been tweeted at the official Twitter handle of Mayfair Hotels. They too were informed of the same by Team SNSMT and they too were graceful to remove the said offensive tweet.


“We have time and again been maintaining that the education system of Odisha is in the dumps. Such insensitive blunders are one of the results of the said. We are fortunate that the promoters of both OTv and Mayfair Hotels are intelligent , responsible , sensitive and understanding human beings. Both of them immediately acted and pulled out the said Tweets after the digital team of SNSMT flagged the issue. We are very fortunate that no radicalizing organization took this to notice and no communal agitation took place in Odisha. Otherwise history is witness that similar instances have resulted into major communal violence” said eminent socio-political leader and the Chairman of SNSMT Shri. Suparno Satpathy

This reporter tried taking the reaction from the promoters of OTv and Mayfair Hotels but was avoided.


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