Suparno Satpathy ‘s wife narrowly escapes a car blast


New Delhi : A Skoda Superb car caught fire on its own in front of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Head Quarters. To the same the agile officials of NDMA jumped into action and rescued a lady from the burning car. Bystanders said that the car blasting into flames was a horrific sight and the rescue of the passenger from the burning car was short of a miracle.

This incident was tweeted by @ndmaindia the official twitter handle of NDMA. To the same noted sicio-political leader and Chairman of Smt. Nandini Satpathy Memorial Trust (SNSMT) Shri. Suparno Satpathy reacted with a quote tweet from his official twitter handle @SuparnoSatpathy ,expressing his gratitude for saving his wife.

Smt. Kanchan Satpathy was driving the car her self. She escaped from the blast very narrowly with no injuries.
Investigation about how the car caught fire on its own is on.

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