Elephant attack injures forest officials in Odisha


Athagarh: Today afternoon seven forest department officials were injured, one of them seriously when an injured elephant attacked them inside the Athagarh Forest Range in Cuttack district.

On 19th of Jan the Forest department officials had located a limping elephant in Sukasana forest as an abandoned tyre had got stuck on the elephant’s leg.

The Forest officials failed to tranquilise the elephant, instead they were attacked by the same elephant and  seven of them got injured in the same. Promod Behera a forest guard was seriously injured as the elephant lifted him with its trunk and crushed him under its feet after crashing him on the ground. However, his life has been saved.

Indramani Nath, the tranquiliser expert engaged by the forest department, told this reporter that the operation to tranquilise the injured elephant has been temporarily put on hold. “The elephant is injured, it is now in an aggressive mood. We shall wait for 4-5 days and re-try the tranquilising exercise” he added.


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