Reciprocity marks ‘International Womens Day’

New Delhi ( 6 March `2017): Reciprocity the leading forum of Indian origin, where business owners along with professionals come together to leverage mutual business matrix, today paid an ode to ‘Women’ by marking the beginning of International Women’s Week 2017. The theme they followed for International Women’s Day 2017 was ‘Be Bold for Change’

On the occasion a panel discussion was held. The distinguished panelists were three highly acclaimed ladies of India – renowned educationist Padmashri Gowri Ishwaran , Founder Principal of Ramjas School RK Puram -New Delhi Meera Balachandran and Principal of Shiv Nadar School – Gurgaon  Monica Sagar

“ Women don’t have to fit into a man’s world. They are capable of making their own world, their own way” said Gowri Ishwaran

“ The first time ‘equality’ ever got spoken about was in year 1912 and in year 2017 we are still talking about it as it is an unfinished agenda” said Meera Balachandran

“ Educate the men at home to think equality in order to be fair and not have gender bais ingrained in them from early on” said Monica Sagar

“ If we want an unbiased gender society, we need to change our conditioning, not just men but women too” said Kanchan Satpathy

Reciprocity was founded in year 2016 by Kanchan Satpathy and Manish Puri, ever since many leading business owners and well known professionals have joined in.


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