Mamata meets Naveen

Bhubaneswar (20 April 2017) : West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee landed in Bhubaneswar on 18th of April. She meet up with her party members and leaders who are under arrest out here in connection with the Chit Fund Scam. This visit holds much importance, as 12 of her party members have recently been charge sheeted by CBI in connection with the Narada scam. The Tv sting of Narada, just prior to the last WB assembly election had created a lot of noise back then. However, after the landslide victory of TMC in the same all had fallen cold till the recent CBI charge sheet.

As per protocol Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik under normal circumstances should have been at the Airport to receive Mamata, more so as she was visiting as a state guest, but the same was not witnessed.

Mamata was to visit the Jaganatha temple at Puri  for a darshan of The Trinity  till a controversy broke when a group of  priests (sevayat / panda) of the temple protested saying that Mamata shall not be allowed entry into the temple because she eats beef and practices Islam. On the side of the same noted socio-political leader Shri. Suparno satpathy placed a comment via his official twitter handle @SuparnoSatpathy stating that Lord Jaganath had allowed his appointment with Mamata but Lord Naveen still hadn’t. To the same all hell broke between TMC and BJP supporters. The fact is Shri. Suparno Satpathy had passed a message to the Sevayats that Mamata was a Hindu and that there was no need to stop her entry into the Temple. On the query of this reporter he said “ A few sevayats had serious doubts about Mamata’s religion. To the same I had got it conveyed to them that they could ask Mamata about her religion but as far as my knowledge went, she was a Hindu and if that be true she must not be blocked from her darshan. I am told, to the same a few sevayats got their satisfactory clarification from Mamata about she being Hindu and with full due respects from the sevayats, the Hon’ble West Bengal CM had her darshan of The Trinity at about 5pm on 19th of April”.

It is only on the last day of Mamata ‘s stay in Bhubaneswar did Naveen accede to meet her at  4pm in his residence. From reliable sources at the Odisha CM’s office, this reporter learnt that citing  Mamata’s visit as political in nature, Naveen had planned to skip meeting  her here, just as he had skipped meeting PM Narendra Modi during the PMs two day visit to Bhubaneswar on 15-16 April during the BJP’s National Executive meet.

AITMC supports can protest the tweets from Shri. Suparno Satpathy. They could thump their chest for Mamata’s darshan of Lord Jaganath and also of Naveen but the real fact for the later is mainly this tweet (image appended) which was posted by one of the TMC leaders of Odisha. Naveen’s intelligence officials took note of this matter and had briefed the Odisha CM, that if Mamata fielded her candidates in Odisha, she/ AITMC might not win here but the same could further dampen the chances of the already shaky BJD.


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