Suparno Satpathy tweets to Rahul Gandhi

Bhubaneswar : On the side of AICC President Sonia Gandhi being unwell and being admitted to Sir Gangaram Hospital of New Delhi, AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi had invited a battery of Congress leaders from Odisha to discuss the revival plan of the party in Odisha. Ever since Naveen Patnaik snatched power in Odisha from the Congress in year 2000, the grand old party has been struggling to win over its lost ground. In year 2006 the then Congress’s Leader of opposition in Odisha Legislative Assembly and former CM of Odisha Late J.B Patnaik in consultation with Sonia Gandhi had inducted Suparno Satpathy into the party. Suparno is the grandson of former Odisha CM and firebrand leader Late Nandini Satpathy.  Under the aegis of JB Patnaik, the Congress party had gained strong momentum in Odisha. The encouraging by-poll win and an equally encouraging Panchayat Poll wins by the Congress in year 2007 were strong signals that the Congress would come back to power in Odisha. However, just prior to the general election in 2009, JB Patnaik was neglected by the Congress high command and sidelined from the congress party decision making. This politicking helped Naveen Patnaik form his first ever solo Government in Odisha. Prior to that, Naveen’s BJD had formed Government in Odisha as collision partners of the BJP. That collision lasted for nine years (2000-2009). Ever since year 2009, the Congress in Odisha has been going from bad to worst.

Today a tweet was put out by the former Congress leader Suparno Satpathy, who is now associated with Soumya Ranjan Patnaik’s regional political outfit Ama Odisha Party. This tweet in less than 140 characters and with one photograph gives out a very strong message to the Congress high command. Future shall say if the Congress high command has learnt its lesson from this message or if they shall further falter and fulfill the ambition of PM Narendra Modi of achieving a ‘Congress mukt Bharat’ a Congress free India.

In the recent times the BJP leadership has been strongly backing MoS PNG Dharmendra Pradhan and projecting him as the next CM of Odisha. All this has resulted in the BJP picking some ground in Odisha. However, history tells us that Odisha was always a Congress bastion.


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